05 Apr 2021

Parimatch: Three awards at the Cyprus HR Awards

2021 brought new distinctions to Parimatch, which won a total of three awards in the “Cyprus HR awards” competition, on March 8, 2021.

Parimatch was the only company to receive a “Platinum” award, an award which can only be given in exceptional cases of Human Resource Management excellence and in entries that have a score equal to and / or greater than 9. This award, “Excellence in Workplace Wellbeing” was awarded to Parimatch in the category: “Workplace well-being”. This category highlights all those practices that aim to ensure health and well-being in the work environment at every level. Parimatch was also awarded in the categories: “Learning & Development” and “Covid-19 HR Action Plan” with the highest award, “Gold” in both categories.

The awards were received on behalf of Parimatch by the Group HR Director, Marianna Hadjiandoniou. In a statement, Ms. Hadjiandoniou stated that “The three awards are the result of teamwork and the ability we have to work together at Parimatch. Teamwork requires goodwill, respect and even sacrifice sometimes. It is the collective and coordinated effort of the Human Resources department as well as the people of our company who always support the efforts made in order to create a distinct corporate culture”. 

The awards highlight and aim to reward organizations’ innovation and practices for their most important asset, their human resources. A total of 14 companies were awarded. The candidates were evaluated by a 23-member jury consisting of professors and experts in the field, who were divided into groups by the Organizers, ensuring that there is no conflict of interest. 

The Cyprus HR Awards, in which companies and organizations were invited to present through their HR departments the highly successful actions in the field of development and management of their Human Resources are under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Security and the Cyprus Management Association Human Resources (CyHMRA) and organized by Boussias Cyprus.

At https://www.boussias.cy/hr-awards-winners/ and https://www.hrawardscy.com/  you can see the winners and more information about the awards.